Here's some of the many security features that the Money Account uses to keep your money safe.

Card On-and-Off Feature

With cellphone banking, the mobile App, and online banking, you can quickly and easily turn your card on and off allowing you to take control of your accounts immediately if your card falls into the wrong hands.

Two-factor authentication for online purchases

To make online banking as secure as possible, we use two-factor authentication. Before an online transaction is made on your account, we send you a message to your phone requesting authentication.


With Touch ID, it's even easier and more secure to log into your mobile app. This innovative security feature uses your fingerprint to authenticate an attempt to log in. To enable this function on your phone, follow these five simple steps:

Launch the Money Account app

Click the menu icon (top left corner)

Select 'Settings'

Select 'Fingerprint Authentication'

Switch on 'Enable Fingerprint Authentication'