Get the most from your Money Account

With the Old Mutual App, you can buy airtime, make payments, and fund your Money Account, all while on the go. Manage your money on the move and save both time and money.

Save on bank fees

Don't pay for services you don't need. You can check your balances for free on the Old Mutual App, and avoid costly ATM charges by swiping your card. These and more great money-saving tips are covered in this video.

Buy airtime using the Old Mutual App

You don't have the time to slow down just to buy airtime. And you don't have to. With the Old Mutual App, you can buy airtime anytime, anywhere - as long as you're connected. Watch this video to learn how.

Make payments using the Old Mutual App

With the Old Mutual App and Money Account, you can make payments quickly and easily. This video shows you just how simple it is to make a once-off payment to a beneficiary.

Fund your Money Account through the Old Mutual App

Funding your Money Account with the Old Mutual App is quick and easy. You just need your phone and the card details for the bank account you want to transfer funds from. The whole process can then be completed in several simple steps, as explained in this video.