Take a look through these tips to keep yourself safe from fraudsters

Beware of phishing schemes

Old Mutual will never send you an email asking you to click on a link to update your information and you should never follow one of these suspicious links or submit your personal information on a page that you arrive at via a link. Some of these pages can look legitimate so be careful.

Guard your PIN when using an ATM

Never accept help from a stranger when you are using an ATM, especially if your card becomes stuck (a sign that your card could have been skimmed). If an ATM does not return your card, cancel or switch off your card straight away (using your app, cellphone banking, or online banking).

Withdraw cash from retailers

Withdrawing cash from the till in a Pick n Pay or Shoprite store is cheaper and safer than withdrawing money from an ATM. You're less likely to have someone peeking over your shoulder at the till and you're certainly not going to get your card skimmed in a major retailer.

Tap & Pay for cheaper purchases

When you Tap & Pay, you don't use your PIN. And if you don't use your PIN, no one can sneak a peek at your most important digits. Tap & Pay transactions are also faster than swiping or dipping your card's chip.

Get ahead of fraudsters

If you suspect fraud on your account, or your card pin or online banking details have been compromised, act immediately:

  • Switch your card off using the mobile app, internet banking or cellphone banking (USSD).
  • Call the Money Account Service Centre: 0860 222 252 (SA only) or +27 21 503 0303 (Outside SA) to report it.
  • Visit an Old Mutual Branch as soon as possible to report the incident. You will need to bring your ID document and cellphone.