To put it bluntly, Death doesn’t phone ahead, and tragedy often strikes when it’s least expected. This, unfortunately, is the harsh reality for grieving families who’ve had to shoulder the financial burden of a loss that they weren't prepared for. Not only do they have to come to terms with the household’s reduced collective income, but they also have to pay for a funeral that can cost anywhere from R7 000 to R30 000. And that is a strain that no-one should have to endure.

Protect your family

Many might think to themselves ‘I’m prepared. I have a will that will ensure that my family will have money when I’m gone,’ but there’s a problem here. When someone dies, access to their funds is temporarily suspended until the estate is wound up. And that’s a problem if family members need the money to pay for a funeral, as is usually the case. What they need is instant access to money so that they can give their loved one the burial they deserve. And that’s the point of a funeral plan: it pays out when you need the money. 

Get cover that meets your needs

A basic funeral plan for an initial maximum cover of R50,000 can cost as little as R31 a month, but even this could include a money back guarantee as well as premium holidays for those months when money is tight. And if you felt that you needed additional cover (terminal illness cover for example) your could get this and other benefits for as little as R43 a month. It all depends on the kind of protection that you and your family need. 

Know how much a policy would cost you

With such affordable options, the question isn’t ‘Can I afford to get funeral cover’ but rather  ‘Can I afford to not get funeral cover?’ Again that’s as little as R31 to R43 for complete peace of mind. Premiums, of course, will vary depending on you age and cover, and the only way to know what you’ll pay is to get a quote. But, before you start clicking around the web, know that you only ever get a quote from an insurer who is known for paying out.

In 2016 Old Mutual paid out over R2 billion in claims, making this insurer one of South Africa’s most trusted funeral cover providers. To get a quote from Old Mutual right now, all you need to do is go to our funeral plans page. Do that now and give you and your family the protection they need.