Generally, most people love to travel, but with the prices of flights, hotels, eating out and activities, it’s certainly a luxury most people can afford only occasionally. That doesn’t need to mean, however, that your dream of seeing Machu Picchu one day should remain just a dream. Today, tech-savvy travellers can easily find ways to make their travel plans both streamlined and cheaper by making use of smartphone apps. Here are some of the best (and free!) iOS- and Android-compatible travel apps to use.


Another fabulous travel app, this time one that helps you to not overspend in miscalculated currency conversions or outdated exchange rates, is XE Currency. The web-based XE has earned a reputation of being the place to check currency conversions. It’s no wonder that the app, with features for both business people on the go and travellers, has been an absolute hit since its launch. The main drawcard for travellers is the app’s ability to quickly convert any currency in the world to see what that impulsive foreign shopping spree will really cost you. It’s updated constantly so that you have the most accurate exchange rates. But it can also be used offline with the last updated rate saved, so that you can still use it even if you’re travelling through a no-signal deserted area.


 Remember when you went away and still had to print out all your important documents and confirmed reservations, put them in a folder or briefcase and carry them around? Today, thankfully, all you need is Tripit. This incredible app pulls that much-needed and important information from any of your travel-related emails and arranges them neatly into one itinerary, which is accessible offline too. You can use Tripit to store documents, stay on top of your bookings and even sync these with your travel companions’ plans. This means you ‘should’ never miss a flight, tour or reservation again due to a misplaced (or forgotten) document.


 This incredible app is geared to make travelling with friends that much easier. It acts as a platform where travel companions can update and keep track of who has paid for what, how much and when. Because, let’s be honest, it’s frustrating (not to mention expensive) to always foot the bill because no one can ‘remember’ who paid the last time. This friend-friendly app helps you keep track and keeps things fair so that your trips (and friendships) aren’t ruined by split bills. It converts any currency and even keeps up with multiple currencies and destinations.

App in the Air

 If you are one of those scatterbrains who easily miss flights (which is an incredibly expensive mistake), then this app is for you. An easy-to-use flight-tracking app that will make sure you get on your flight, App in the Air also updates you on your flight status (even when you are offline through text messages). It divides your flight into the necessary stages (with timelines) to get you on the plane in time. This allows you to better manage your time at those huge international airports.
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